Friday, July 28, 2006

April 2006

April 2006 came back from Wales in the afternoon of Monday thus could not attend the ACE council meeting. Met with Anita at the IOD on Tuesday to talk about developing the Ladies on Tour business, everything is ready for the Trip in June to the Lake District. Met afterward with Michael at the RTYC with regards to dinners for the Anglo-Belgian Society and the Rotary Club of London, stayed in for the first Tuesday drink of the Anglo-Belgian Club and took a cab to rush for the reception at the American Embassy, got a few good contacts. I met with John and Janice on the Wednesday at the IOD for the business plan of ACE, great ideas, let’s implement them! On Thursday, I went to the First Novel Awards organised by the Author’s Club to bring my support, I think that Anita actually invited me. Friday was catching up day; need to have some, don’t we?
On Saturday was the Strictly Ballroom Dancing at the Old Chelsea Town Hall (lovely room) organised by my associate Eugenie Absalom who has very good contacts with the Russian community ( actually I have some rather good one too!)
Monday 10th, I had a meeting of the International committee for the Rotary –of which I am the Chairman. On Tuesday, I had a meeting with Patrick for the Royal Belgian Benevolent Society -of which we are both Honorary Treasurer. I met Celine at the Arts Club with regard to the Mas de Pierre (I since been and will be on a separate entry, lovely!) before the Cercle Francais where Ann Kodicek gave us the most entertaining talk about Diaghilev and other people of his time. Easter was upon us and Selfridge’s did well out of me buying all the little rabbits, ducks and various other chocolates… we had friends staying for the weekend so prepared ourselves for this.
The Open BC network seems to be quite good and attended the IT Hall for an evening that went well on the Tuesday following and on the Wednesday attended a , for me, very boring conference on Euronext, good god people can waffle about! No contact there that I did not know some very very important people or assuring themselves to be.
A good party was organised at LLadro on Piccadilly for Valencia, I went there for the prospect of the Anglo-Spanish Society visit there in October, very nice people but most very invited by Lladro and I am not quite old enough to start collecting this piece that are amazingly expensive. Then Richard and I went to Sitges report of which is here below. (and am completing it too) As I came back from Barcelona, I went straight for Lunch _could not eat anything_ at the Rotary as I though that there was a council meeting afterwards, there wasn’t one! Had a meeting the following day for the Arts Club Charitable Trust where I championed a candidate for a grant and was pleased to have another of my candidate championed by someone else, so they both got something! One of them is Dunja Lavrova, mentioned before, I went after lunch to the New-York City Sales Mission where I got some great new contacts and then to CIRCA. On the 27th I was delighted meeting Patrick (another one) at the Loriner’s Luncheon in the Apothecaries Hall, there was a meeting of the GBA at the New Connaught Room in the evening, but I not quite sure that I attended! In fact, I must have felt quite tired after one of these City Luncheons…. To add to my predicament, I went again to the City the following day for the Bishopsgate Ward Club AGM and Luncheon at the Leather seller’s Hall and I had to meet my good friend Ricardo in the afternoon, I arrive with a good two hours late! Sorry again! I had to pleasure to see Ricardo ( he is our contact in Argentina) again on Saturday when we had a gathering of friends.

May to be updated after the weekend, catching up! Have a lovely weekend.
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