Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nearly half way through the first quarter of the year!

Sorry I have not updated this for some time now!

The reason was that I was actually asked to apply for a job that would have prevented me to do anything else but as luck would have it, I did not get it.

Luck as on reflection I am much better off by continuing enjoying myself and passing it on to you! So you are actually benefitting from it.

This said, please do remember that I am here for any events that you may have now or in the future.

I invite you to join my Networks on which there is a link on my website.
See The Network & GPN . 

There is a minimum subscription of £1 pcm on a recurring basis.

I will update events there and there may be the occasional direct email if I feel that you would benefit from this particular event.

I am an artist (painter) and do PR, Marketing, off market properties & Events. I love people, life and arts. Always looking on the bright side of life and love to meet people and have fun.

I very much look forward to seeing you again or meeting you soon.

All best wishes,


PS: as this is lent at the moment I just remembered that dear old Bill who passed away several years ago used to give up Angostura Bitter for Lent, he was very fond of his pink gin...