Monday, July 23, 2012

Do you know Pause? Well, if you don’t, in August, I’ll give you some reasons to go and discover that venue!

On July 3rd, we went to the roof of the Grange Hotel to celebrate the relaunching of the magazine Pride Life. Nice people, nice cocktails and a nice atmosphere were at the rendez-vous.
Le Cercle Francophone, The Network, and The Network Dinner were held at The Penthouse. If you need a venue in Central London that combines beautiful cocktails, a stunning view and tasty dishes, then you have to go there.
We went to the World Pride on July 7th. We walked through Baker Street, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Haymarket to finish at the Whitehall. Positive East, we’ve got your back!
The GPN was at The Royal Park Hotel. We were about 30 people to discover this place and we really enjoyed it. Laurent Boutonne, the General Manager, introduced his venue and people were able to visit the hotel. It was free champagne and cocktails all evening....

In August, The GPN and Le Cercle Francophone are going to be at The Penthouse. The other events will be at Pause. 
Here is the list:
Les Belges de Londres       (Pause on August 7th)
The GPN Dinner                (Pause on August 8th)
The Network                      (Pause on August 9th)
Le Cercle Francophone     (Penthouse on August 14th)
The GPN                             (Penthouse on August 16th)
The Network Dinner         (Pause on August 23rd)

Please join these Networks to meet and interact with each other:  The Network  & GPN
I very much look forward to seeing you at these events!
Yours ever,