Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 2006 and beyond

August 2006 and beyond

August is for catching up, changing and adding things to the website see the new travelling arrangement! ( Train, plane, boat, helicopter and limousines) Site visits for events coming up and the organising time.

If buyers are interested, please contact me about a familiarisation trip to Le Touquet in September and to Strasbourg in December.

In September:

I am looking forward to a night of revelry at Cliveden a luncheon at the House of Lords, a familiarisation trip to Switzerland, a reception at the Guildhall, several visit to Clarence House, many good speakers at the Rotary Club of London and to more reception at the IOD

In October:

I look forward to ACE 35th Anniversary, a visit by Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium in the Club, a house party in Brussels for the Rotary and the annual dinner for the Anglo-Belgian Society

In November:

The World Travel Market with its many parties, the Torch Kindling ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the Lord Mayor Show, my International Service Dinner, the Golden Bridge Awards, Thanksgiving in Brussels, Stanley Leverton Day and a concert in St Michael’s Chester Square.

July 2006

July 2006

After the Mas de Pierre where my parents joined us for a fantastic lunch we joined them in their house near Draguignan at Trans en Provence. With the exception of going to see my friends at the Bastide de Moustiers ( for an outstanding lunch and a site vite to an absolutely wonderful golf course at the Domaine de St Endreol, ( ) the month whiled away pretty fast. I am sorry that I didn’t manage to get to Juan Les Pins at the end for the Jazz Festival , I hear that BB King was outstanding.

I came back to London for the 16th July for the Cenotaph Ceremony. Belgium is the only country in the world who has this privilege and I am proud to be able to perpetuate this tradition dating from the friendship of Kings George V and Albert I. We will remember.

On the hottest day of the year, ever apparently, we held a reception at Marlborough House, house of the Commonwealth Secretariat that was preceded by a visit of the house and gardens.

Another trip to Wales to celebrate a 40th birthday and as I came back though this was just too hot to do anything but catching up on many project

Le Mas de Pierre

Le Mas de Pierre

At long last we arrived late on Friday in Nice airport where we were awaited and drove the twenty minutes to this oasis of calm. Warm welcome was given before being shown to our room. Le Mas de Pierre is everything a private house, a grand house, should be. You instantly feel at home. Seminar rooms are spacious and equipped with the latest equipement that is cleverly hidden away, this is a Relais & Chateau after all. As Winston Churchill said, “I am easily satisfied with the very best”.

enough said look at these pictures:

Le Mas de Pierre, one picture is from the Colombe d'Or, did I tell you that it was in St Paul de Vence?

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June 2006

Diaries – June 2006

I like the month of June! This is the month in which I was born! Coming back from Frankfurt I had to change my frame of mind, so how refreshing to be invited to the Royal Opera House, they were ‘modern’ pieces and remember the sceneries but must admit not much about the play…

On the Saturday my brother and his Rotary Club of Herstal arrived and I had organised the weekend for the 23 of them; after checking them in at the Gloucester millennium I took them to the East India Club in St James’s to give them a good look into clubs. The food, wines and service were really nice and we were made very much welcome a memorable evening.

On Sunday lunch we went to the Oxford & Cambridge Club and had a complete reversal… shan’t go there again. Sad as I had some very good time there in the past. After lunch we went to Greenwich by boat and some staff recognised me on the City Cruises Boat, they thought that I was still a senior manager of the company, had I known that … Greenwich and back took most of the afternoon and left the group to fend for themselves as I took my brother and sister in law back home from where they apparently came back elated and quite happy.

The Monday was normal day for the Rotary Club of London and so an official visit with exchange of flags took place and I rendered the official welcome to the Rotary Club of Herstal. Herstal is the birthplace of Charles I or Charlemagne and is well known for other facts.

On Tuesday, I went to a workshop on Spain in the morning to organise the visit of the Anglo-Spanish Society to Valencia in October, this I have just learned has been sadly cancelled. In the afternoon there was a tasting of wines from Luxembourg and in the evening a drink at the Anglo Belgian club before jetting off to the American embassy .
Thursday was the joint BLCC/Rotary Golf day at Royal Denham and fun was had by all and monies raised for our charities, I raised more on a single raffle for a box of chocolate then most of the auction prizes! You know how I can persuade people…
After a lovely weekend with friends in Wales this was back in full form for the Stella Artois Championship where once again I was asked to host the BLCC day, this went very well as we did this last year already. On Tuesday off to the Dulwhich Picture Gallery where a bank-client of mine had sponsored the Rembrandt exhibition, and was pleased to see that they hired one of my favourite caterers, Admirable Crichton. Wednesday seen the AGM of the Arts Club and Thursday I went to see the fantastic new venue Kew Palace… dine at the King’s table, literally, exclusive to J-F Dor Events along with all the Historical Royal Palaces…. Hampton Court, Tower of London, Kensington Palace and the Banqueting Hall. In the evening we sailed away with the Norwegians on the Thames for a joint effort between the Belgian-Luxembourg and Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. More party than networking and great fun!

On the 16th was the Red Cross Gala Ball at the Mansion House: the evening started with a dine around in various embassies and my friend an I were received by the Japanese Ambassador and his delightful wife who originally is from Ireland. Their hospitality and warmth was boundless and as the taxis were waiting we had to rush to the Mansion House where the second part of the evening was to be had, more food, drinks, champagne a lot of raffles, auctions and silent auction whom my friends participated in heartily.
There was also so much entertainment see for more details and so many friends to talk to that we only dance the very last 5 minutes before carriages… however we stayed in the new boutique hotel Theadneedles a very short stroll away.

Sunday the 18th was my birthday and with a few friends we had a private room at the Roof Garden’s Babylon restaurant, very good and we were the last to leave the restaurant! We went afterwards to Dennis Gilbert’s studio in Chelsea to admire his latest offering and had the privilege of seeing a room I had not seen before filled to the brink with pictures of all sizes and medium

The following Tuesday I went to Stratfield Saye home of the Duke of Wellington with the Anglo-Spanish Society before coming back to say goodbye to a dear friend of mine who has been promoted to New-York.
On Wednesday this was Ascot and went to two parties there and even rescued diplomats who lost themselves in the new configuration, this meant that I fleeted between the two parties and met people in between too, one of them another well know milliner and now sculptor, David Shilling. The Friday was International Widows Day for the Loomba Trust and I had secure for them the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s magnificent Locarno Suite. The conference was followed by a Bollywood concert in Trafalgar Square. There were some events over the weekend that I did not make!

Yvan Moseley had a concert on Tuesday in a delightful church just off the Chiswick roundabout but unfortunately arrived a little late but had the pleasure of meeting many friends and made new one.

Wednesday there was a reception in the Naval Club for the IOD , Thursday was dedicated to the Iraqi art collection but unfortunately my contact seem to have disappeared since then! I wish him well though. The Institute of Fundraising had its AGM in the evening at the Little Ship club and had to go quickly to the Christmas party of the BTO (yes you read right) at the Roof Garden.

The next day Richard and I flown to Nice for a treat… more a separate report.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

May 2006

May 2006

The month of may has been the most busy seeing me travelling to Belgium, Greece and Germany and although I was supposed to be in Dubai too I did not make it! I have this project that started early in the month for Iraqi art in London, there will an exhibition sometimes in the fall, if I can see the exhibits that (now August) have yet to see.
The Artist soiree at the Arts Club was a success and managed to get a table together of friends in support. I guess I had to rush to get changed as I only came back from Brussels a few hours before the start, monies raised were for the Arts Club Charitable Trust of which I am a trustee and a considerable amount was raised.
Had a lot of meetings for the Belgian clubs, societies and others and for the Red cross, for the first time the Belgian Ball was organised in May and could not make it as we went to Greece for the Eurovision. Richard and I had a great time and thanks to my contacts in Greece we rented an apartment in the centre very conveniently placed, both for the Olympic Stadium (where the concerts took place) and to the Euro village where all the fun was to be had. With full accreditations by the Greek Television, Richard as journalist and I as an interpreter, we have been backstage, in rehearsals and all the parties. I must say Anna Visi was really great and I very sorry that Kate Ryan did not go through, anyway we have a website for this period called and have a look to the many competitions we had if you are really interested, roll on Helsinki for

Had so many meeting with regard to various projects as I came back that the month seems to have vanished very quickly with the exception of a day too many in Frankfurt! See below my impression of IMEX.