Wednesday, September 25, 2013


With Autumn coming in and the trees shedding leaves, the colours are getting lovelier by the day and people can get their tweeds out again (although readers of the Chaps magazine wear them all year round and would suspect they have some specially made swimwear for the summer).

Parties are coming and flowing and October, November and December announced to be busier by the day.

Events as usual are updated as they happen on where you will find a calendar of all dates, something for everyone. French speaking evening,  Jazz evening, Networking, Seminars and more to come. By the way have you organised your Christmas party yet? Let me know if I can help, I have the best deals and the best venues around, anywhere.

Wednesday  23rd and Thursday 24th at Quecumbar (two different evenings Gourmet Night and Cafe Django)

I am updating my clients list and find myself promoting various travel and incoming travel agencies whether they be specifically gay or not....

Talking of gay matters:

I am the advertising agent of  Spartacus, the Gay Travel Bible that has sold so far 1.7 million copies since 1981 and now prints  40,000 books each year in which you find over 20,000 entries in 1100 pages. There is an app for I-Phone now that has already 100,000 users, I left a few leaflet that gives free downloads.  Advertising starts from as little as £86.00, let me know if you are interested to reach millions more people in the world and I shall send you details.

The Gay Professional Network is your platform to promote your cause, your business, venue and yourself. It  helps your further your business or career and makes meaningful business and social contacts. You get connected, proactive and productive.
GPN reaches now well over 6 million people through direct targeted email, social media and other websites.

 Reaches are:
Ø       several hundred hand selected people on the website.
Ø       409,430 people on LinkedIn
Ø       2, 229,080 people on facebook
Ø       3, 773, 930 people on other websites
with a combined total of 6,043,953 people, not counting on the exponential element of people, like you, recommending the GPN.
Advertising on this platform start at as little as £ 150 for a short paragraph (150 words) with a link to your website. You can  sponsor the Network for a month or a year and you can display your material at each of our meetings with your logo and a link to your website that will be sent with all communications, this starts at £500 and includes the targeted message above.
The Gay Professional Network is  your Network,  you find details of all ours members with a brief bio and a link to either their websites, LinkedIn or Facebook pages, (you also find GPN on our  Facebook Group and Page, ,  and LinkedIn.

Please read this article in GAT (Gay About Town) about GPN.
Our member Giacomo Zanetti is organising a trip in Palermo in November and I am going, are you? See details here: 
Travel Brochure 1
If you prefer a little more luxury in hotel: 
Travel Brochure 2


A friend of mine is looking for investment of £600K in to a Gay resort in South of France with a return on investment of 9% for an equity of 25% in the business, any interest please let me know.

Another one is looking for similar investment  of £ 5M in a pharmaceutical company, I have all the information needed for you to look at, these investments can be from £100,000 each. The total equity released in each cases is 25%.

The Village group is also looking for partners in their project in the South of France and I am organising a seminar for them on the 28th October

 This seminar is for all people who are looking for a good return on their investments or LGBT people who are looking to prepare for their retirement in affordable luxury in the South of France.

There are several commercial and residential properties around the world available (all above £1M), those are off market and if you or you know someone who can buy them, please let me know and I shall split my commission with you. It is very likely that anyone looking for something specific anywhere in the world, I can source it for them.

Also can I remind you that I am fully approved by the FSA to introduce you to really good financial advisers and I would only recommend the one that would work for you.

Other than this,  contact me when you need help with PR, Marketing, Off Market Properties or Events, you are guaranteed a free half an hour consultation worth £100. If you need a special gift for someone or yourself,  please look at my  works on paper and paintings, if you follow to the Saatchi online site you will see them in various galleries or sitting rooms. Give me some feedback please.

I very much look forward  to seeing you again soon.

With all best wishes, 

Yours ever,

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