Friday, September 25, 2015

Is Disney/Pixar in trouble?

I have just shaven this morning... OK why do I mention this?

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

 I am working as an extra actor through a casting agency called 20/20. This morning I can reveal as they cancelled the booking then; that I was going to appear on Star Wars Episode VIII  filming at Pinewoods next week.

I was asked at the beginning of the month, 3rd, to grow my hair and facial hair for a production called "Los Alamos", there was no other indication of what the booking was but that I should be available for fittings at Pinewoods on the 14th September and perhaps the 15th too, the booking was confirmed on the 10th September and received marching orders on the 11th to be at Pinewoods for fittings at 9am or Uxbridge Station by 8:30am so that a coach would pick me up.

meanwhile I had blocked the dates of 28, 29,30 September, 2, 5, 6, 7 & 8 October, 8 days of filming at FAA rates.

Researching what Los Alamos was, I found out that this was were the Atomic Bomb was devised and possibly tried on, nothing much, thought of a Western and other period films abounded.

Waiting with other extras on a row of chairs we were all gasping at the Star Trooper uniforms in front of us. We instantly knew what iconic movie we were going to be on.

The fitting took a few hours and I was delighted with my uniform of Communication Officer that was to be adjusted for me. At make-up I was told that they did not need a full beard but only 70's sideburns, so I shaved then leaving only sideburns, pictures were taken by the production team and the makeup team, on my way back and all the way, I was singing the tune of Star Wars...

I really had a great time and did not tell a soul what production I was going to be on till this morning phone call when I was told that due to cost restriction the production cancelled the extras, looking at the sales prognostic of Episode VII due later this year , it looks like Disney/Pixar had chewed more that they could with the re sassing of Star Wars... and wonder if this will see the light of day.

Whilst the agency promised to make good for the loss of booking, and earning, I am doubtful that they will be able to fill the two weeks that I had saved for this.

The Force has left me...and I am now clean shaven again. I am open for bookings guys, I think I will concentrate on events more...