Friday, July 21, 2006

Diary - November 2005

Some people have been very nice and asked why I was not sending much information lately; the answer is quite simple... I have been travelling about and please find below some excerpt of my diaries:

In November 2005, I was mostly in London except at the end when I went to Barcelona for EIBTM, during the month, I have attended and helped organise many events such as: The Torch Kindling Ceremony- A ceremony happening in Westminster Abbey repeated every year ever since the end of the second war- The Flame of the Unknown Soldier in Brussels was extinguished by the occupying forces - to symbolise the union of Belgium and United Kingdom, the then Ambassador organised to collect the flame from the Unknown Soldier in Westminster Abbey and walk it to the Embassy from whence it travelled to Belgium and kindle the flame of the Unknown Soldier in Brussels on the 11th November of every year.
I attended also the Tatler’s Party at the Baglioni Hotel following the AGM of the Royal Anglo-Belgian Club, went to several private views at Alexia Goethe Gallery and the Halcyon, cruise the Thames with the Silver Sturgeon hosted by Laurent Perrier. Had a Ball in Marlow for several Charities, organised a dinner for the Belgian Tourist Office at the Beginning of the World Travel Market that I have also attended as a Meridian CLub Member,had a party for NYC at now defunct Pengelley's soon to be replace by someone else and on the same night went to Harvey Nichols for a splendid party hosted by the Spanish Tourist Office. Went on the the superb penthouse suite of the British American Tabacco building for lunch and attended a Gala Concert in Chelsea. I facilitated the Golden Bridge Awards held for the first time at theThe Golden Bridge is mainly award to Belgian Companies exporting in UK companies such as ECOVER and VLM have won in the past. This was a splendid occasion with many people (about 300-400) and several bands… the following day I had lunch with my associate from Spain from the bureau of Barcelona and Marbella to go on to the wonderful Bedford Lodge in the Royal Opera House.
The following week (yes, what is above was in a week) On Monday we had a Gala dinner in the wonderful Trinity House for the Bishopsgate Ward Club where I was delighted meeting Philip Sommerville of H.M. The Queen Hat Maker’s fame. On Tuesday morning, I had a meeting of the Trustees of the Arts Club Charitable Trust immediately followed by the AGM and Luncheon before taking the Eurostar to Brussels where I was hosting a ‘soiree’ for friends in their fabulous flat overlooking the Grand Place and Place Royale, all went well but was stuck in the lift for some time (They couldn’t even pass a straw to have some champagne in the cabin!) The following day I visited this great house a the Avenue Bergman that is going to be the new show rooms for Pierre Marcolini and Chanel (there are still two flats available see the other blog ). Had lunch with my nieces (AFIM) and a quick word with the DRM- Brussels Office. No time to spare as we quickly came back to London for a reception hosted by the IOD at the Botswana High Commission and somehow managed to go a drink at the Arts Club with some friends. On Thursday the Annual Dinner of the Anglo-Belgian Society was well attended and I organised this, as usual, at the Royal Anglo-Belgian Club in Knightsbridge. The following day I made a attempt at taking on board a new caterer but since he did not reciprocate the link have just dropped them, I wish them well though! A friend did organise an Art Quiz at the Dulwich Picture Gallery and this was really fun to be eating and drinking in the gallery surrounded by these masterpieces. (My team incidentally did not fare much) .

Did I mention that I have attended every Rotary Club of London Luncheon during this period? Every Monday Lunch – usually- at the Portman SAS Radisson. As I am the Chairman of the International Service Committee, I am quite busy on this front too. Speakers during the month were HE Baron T. de Gruben Ambassador of Belgium to the Court of St James, The RIBI President and Esther Rantzen who told us about the imminent merge of the Child Line with the NSPCC. In the evening I went to a private view of Rubens at the National gallery organised by the Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

Speak to you soon!

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