Friday, July 18, 2008


Just back from Holidays to find a giant bag, no kidding see for yourself of bills, invoices etc... but no cheques! Should not have happened but wondered how much impact these two French interns have had over the last two months. If you happened to be one of the persons owing me, please send your cheque or pay by credit card soon. If you would like to donate to me or one of my charities, please do so in the similar manner.
Anyway I have has a fantastically relaxing time in Provence, nothing much more than swimming, eating and drinking for two weeks.

I guess I look relaxed there.

I would like to point to your attention, even though this was sent in the newsletter, (you are not getting it, please let me know) next Friday, this one is full at Woburn Abbey, when Josuah Ellicot a tremendous tenor will be coming to sing for us - The Arts Club Charitable Trust

Jason Bradbury has a gallery opening on the 24th, the day before, on Pall Mall, so ask me and I will let you know where this is.