Wednesday, February 01, 2012

February is now

Wow, I didn't see January pass, did I blink? Hope you are all well... I have made some resolutions this year and going all the way, you will understand more as you interact with me this year, if not never mind, it was lovely to have our paths crossed.

I started the year atop looking at the fireworks from the penthouse of friends of mine with the view of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben in the foregrounds, this was a great start of the year.

Le Cercle Francophone is going stronger by the day and new people joined the fold regularly. I had calls from St Petersburg for a possible installation at the W and put them in touch with some great artists, we shall see what comes of it. I was impressed with Eva Caridi Sculture at the Ambika P3 and am looking for some space in London to exhibit it, with about 9 tons of steels, this is not an easy task but have sourced some potential venues for it, now this down to negotiation, unless someone want to purchase it that is.

The Arts Club Charitable Trust is growing stronger with the amount of awards and grants given going over the £20,000 mark a year and very pleased with the new energised Trustees who joined recently.

I went to a Carribbean Party to chase the winter blues in Earl's Court of all places, they would have need some professional advise but I had a good time nevertheless meeting a few people. A few other drink party were thrown in by friends and the Eccentric Club had their Friday the 13th dinner party where I sported for the first time my regalia of vice-chairman, someone even spotted quite rightly that the ribbon was from the 32nd degree, those in the know will.

The following day I went to Dennis Gilbert 90th birthday party at the Chelsea Arts Club where he was in good form, telling everyone that he read somewhere that drinking two glasses of red wine of day is good for you but that he could say with certaintly that drinking four was twice as good... I was pleased to see some old friends and we promised to see each other this year. Xavier de Bergeyck had his leaving party not very far and Richard and I went to have a glass of wine with him but we didn't manage to get to Anne Pigalle's headlining at the Rio Cinema.

I was pleased to meet some new friends this month too introduced, as it should be, by present one.

A new LBGT group opened its door on the hot flame of the bankrupt Illiad in a casino, I wonder if this was to say how much they gambled on the day prior to GPN, which is my group that attract now renowned speakers, celebrities and political figures.

I am always fascinated by Jewellery but none more so than 'Haute Joaillerie' that existed since the middle ages and hand crafted in Paris ever since, I am very pleased to have met the creators of Zoraste whose atelier in Paris are doing the very best pieces in the world for people who have very deep pockey, expenses accounts, private islands and such like and yet some are affordable for a truly mesmerizing occasion.

I have also now compiled a list of off market properties in UK that is now valued at over £3 billions and a few more abroad, so if you know someone who want to discreetly buy or sell some great properties anywhere in the world, please let me know. I am also looking for other commercial and residential properties in Central London.

I can recommend any financial or insurance services that you may require through my associates and off course for any Public Relations, Marketing or Events related services that you or your friends and colleague may need in the future. On the LGBT market alone, I am now reaching 2,637,609 people which represent 8% of my total reach (I can see people starting to calculate)... this is the compilation of the last 25 years in London... yes this year in September, it will be 25 years that I have lived here, longer than I have lived in my native Belgium.

I very much look forward to seeing you again soon!

All best wishes,