Tuesday, July 25, 2006

March 2006

March 2006, on the 1st, I attended the first meeting related to the Rotary International 2013 Convention, this is very exiting as I can reveal that London is pre-selected to host this event where up to 60,000 will attend, the year after the Olympic. On the 2nd, I met various people from the London Development agency with regard to 2012 this was a presentation to businesses in the East End entitled ‘Olympics and your business’ I have made the best of it and came up with a lot of contact. On the 3rd was a meeting at GTA (Gulliver’s Travel Associates they actually own Octopus Travel and various other brands) with regard to taking care of the accommodations for 2013. On the 4th for a little more fun we went to Making your Mind Up with Terry Wogan and ended up in the Green Room with all the artists and their families throughout the show! I liked the wine and nibbles….
The following week I have attended various meetings, luncheon and dinners at my various clubs one noticeable was my City Managers Luncheon Club held a the Butcher’s Hall, always love to get there (meet every month) but don’t always have the time. Diana Armfield and Bernard Dunstan (both RA) were feted at the Arts Club on the same day.
I spoke to the Rotary Club of London (still have to frame this Speaker’s Certificate) on the 13th as Ambassador for Springboard about Hospitality as I was asked not to speak about charity, bit difficult but I obliged. The following day I went to Scotland and full report is found on this blog. I was supposed to attend upon my return from Inverness a Rotary evening and a St Patrick’s Reception at Claridge’s needless to say I was too tired to attend either. (apparently it was a bit chaotic at Claridge’s).

Over the weekend I met my friends from Lithuania and took on this very talented painter and was given a few etchings (very good see my other blog – Edita) to suss the market for her. Prepa

On the 21st I took the Anglo-Belgian Society to the Wallace Collection for a guided visit followed by tea and cakes, I know very civilised… it was and I will repeat this next year, very successful.
On the 22nd I attended Promo Marketing at the Barbican, France at Lord’s (Trade wine Fair) and a reception for the IOD at the new City Hub. On the 23rd There was a Rotary District Council a private view at Alexia Goethe’s Gallery and a dinner a the Savile fro my Whitefriars Club. The next day I went to Malta and this is also reported in this Blog with pictures. Coming back just in time on Monday for a meeting of the Rotary Club of London International Services Committee that I was chairing. ( had to skip lunch) Had another meeting for the 2013 project in the evening. The first meeting I attended of the Red Cross Ball Committee was also in March at the Residence of H.E. The Swiss Ambassador. Also attended STEPS at the RHH and a very good London Road show at the Westbury before taking to train to Wales on the 31st.
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