Monday, October 27, 2014

November News

Join us for an exceptional and vibrant Networking evening. 

The Network is opened to all who want to promote their causes, companies, venues and businesses. It is attended by various other networks such as The Chinese Connection, The Anglo-Belgian Organisations, The Middle East Circle,  The Eastern Society and others in the fields of arts, fashion, real estate and investment to further social and business contacts.

 Profile of people attending are: Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Hedge Funds Owner, Property Developers, CEO of Top FTSE Companies in the world, Diplomats, Actors, Entrepreneur, Singers, Fashion Models, many other inspirational people.

All very nice people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thursday 27th November is our last event of the year and will be in aid of the “Princess Carina Organization” (Swiss based Charity, under High Patronage of Geneva Canton)and its project in support of school for blind children (Kenya, Diocese of Lodwar). Together we are celebrating our ongoing service to society while supporting a worthy cause:

Check the Facebook page here.

Our guests establish new professional contacts, have fun, drinks and participate in a raffle. It is a networking event helping ambitious professionals to meet and grow their businesses successfully while supporting a worthy cause.

The Network makes sure that all participants have useful business contacts and opportunities. The admission fees will be donated to Princess Carina Organization and the humanitarian projects it believes in.  There will great raffle prizes and a silent auction, please RSVP and see more details here.

More about November:
Please click on the links for RSVPs and more details

Before this: 

 On the 6th will be The Memorial Garden 'Flanders Fields 1914-2014' dedication at Wellington Barracks.

 On the 7th is the WGM, Walthamstow Gay Meetup, at The Chequers more details here.
And the Yearly Kindling of the Torch Ceremony at Westminster Abbey, 6pm for the Belgian Community and Viktor Wynd's Book Launch (& Museum Preview).

 On the 10th is Flanders Remembers concert and the launch of the Light at Euston, the 12th the City of London Entrepreneurs Network

 On the 18th CLG, the City of London Gay meet up joints forces with the LGBT History Month at the Museum of the Order of St John in London, see more here

 On the 20th is GPN in Leicester Square which is the LGBT specific counterpart to The Network see more here 

For the French Speaking amongst you Le Cercle Francophone Chez Antoinette on the 21st November

 On the 24th is the Eccentric Club 124th Annual Dinner, the 25th The Whitefriars Club dinner with Ambassador Stephen Day, his talk will be topical as this is called " A life with Arabs" and the 27th The Network with Princess Carina Organisation. This will be the last event of the year so I do hope to see many of you then.

Please note that you are all welcomed to each and every events, I mention the LGBT specific events as they are, I do three a month (GPN, CLG & WGM);  all others are totally mixed.  I cannot tolerate people who think that an event is 'gay' when there is only one or two gay people in the room, I'll be in all of them anyway, get a grip and live on another planet... oh and please kindly unsubscribe from the link below too. If you are unsure, please call or email me.

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I very much look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Friday, October 03, 2014

October news

Hello and I hope that you are enjoying the warm sunshine of the autumnal season wrapped in with an extra layer perhaps and have taken the tweeds and cashmere jumpers out of the moth balls.

Please click on the highlighted words for more information or RSVP

The Season is well under way already and as a way of apologies for not keeping in touch for so long, please read what I have been up to lately here.

Join me at future events and please do keep in touch, it means the world to me that you call, email, tweet or message me in any other way.

I still do the The Network  and GPN  and started a Walthamstow Gay Meetup together with a City of London Gay Meetup.

The Network and The Salon d'Or are the only two groups that are not specifically LGBT but opened to all, it encompasses many other groups from various nationalities and ethnicities.

You can see current events here that I organise but of course I attend many others such as The Eccentric Club and The Whitefriars Club.

This month of October:

6th:   Le Cercle Francophone meets now at various time of the month in various places and with different settings,  Monday we are having Lobster & Frites at Villandry.
7th:   Anglo-Belgian Society 1st Tuesday Drink
16th: GPN  in Leicester Square
17th: London Social
22nd: The Whitefriars Club, Irma Kurtz, THE Agony Aunt par excellence is speaking.
23rd: The Network in Leicester Square, and various other events...

Well I am already tired just enumerating these events that I am either organising or just attending. I will let you know what is happening in November in about 2 weeks...

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I very much look forward to seeing you again soon.

With all best wishes,

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sorry I have not posted here for sometimes! Some news.

More to come soon. 

I was saddened that Leon de Bruxelles had to close rather quickly due to a sudden, huge, increase in rent. Mc Donald is now taking over the site on Cambridge Circus...
Since July I have floating on the aftermath of my 50th birthday celebrations that lasted a few weeks, thus why I needed some rest afterwards.

The Walthamstow Gay Meetup is going from strength to strength and is a very convivial and friendly meetup. WGM meets at least every 1st Friday evening of the month and sometimes the 2nd Monday.

The Cenotaph Ceremony was held on the 12th July on Whitehall and HRH Prince Laurent of Belgium was present and laid a reed on behalf of the King of the Belgian. This ceremony was 100 years this year and started with King George V and King Albert. Check the Anglo-Belgian Society for more details. On the same day I went to the Chaps Olympiad, a celebration of Britain's sporting ineptitude? The real Olympians will certainly disagree but I was pleased to have seen what this was all about, although I am still not quite sure that anyone who was attending knew at all...

The New day there was Walthamstow on Sea and yes Walthamstow has been rocking for some times now, particularly this year.

On the 14th I went to celebrate, although this is not a day to celebrate the atrocities that revolution committed, at l'Escargot in Greek Street, the new place that Brian Clivaz and Laurence Isaacson bought together. Needless to say plenty of Champagne although it seemed to run out rather quickly and lots of beautiful boys and girls.

On the 15th I went to the Plus one Gallery in Pimlico Road for a great exhibition on a Tribute to Sir Edwin Lutyens. Where I met quite a few of my friends. On the 16th, the Hotel Russel for a show case of the Principal Hayley's properties.

GPN on the 17th, Viewing the changes at the Kensington Hotel with Agnes Harmati on the 18th followed by a Summer reception and dinner at the National Liberal Club.

Monday 21st was my National Day (Belgium) so this was celebrated first at Claridges for tea than at the Residence of the Ambassador in the evening. On the 22nd I went for lunch at the Oriental Club followed by a meeting at Villandry a drink at the Virgin Money Lounge and another at 170 Queen's Gate.  

The Network was on the 24th. On the 25th I went to view the City of London Club followed by a great evening of Boylesque. On the 26th, Chris has a party with a theme of famous people and not quite sure who I was, before and after... Walthamstow had the summer appetite festival on the following day and what a garden party if was, organised by the Barbican and other entities, it really did rock! I went to Shoreditch to see some work of arts but the person who invited me wasn't there and neither did his picture really do any good to anyone. Stephen had his birthday on the 31st at the same place. 

Walthamstow had a Village Fair on the 2nd August. Le Cercle Francophone met on the 5th, on the 9th I was invited to see Porgy & Bess in the open air theatre at Regent's Park. Positive East had his Summer BBQ on the 12th. I attended the City of London Entrepreneurs on the 13th  and the City of London Gay Meetup met at Madison's

On the 13th September I went to see Kate Bush and what a treat this was, thank you Richard! The LFW went through and there was a lot of parties there indeed. Onthe 17th I went to my first Christmas part on board a Thames Leisure vessel and thoroughly enjoyed it.

23rd was the start of the Season with the Whitefriars Club and Major-General Julian Thompson regaled us with his stories and the history of the Falklands War.
Yesterday I went to Hodges, Jones & Allen for a seminar of same sex marriages/civil partnerships and the legal implications of both, most interesting.

I forget the repeats of The Network, GPN, City of London Gay meetup and other private parties that I attended.

This bring me up-to-date but more to come. please click on each of the underlined to find out more about them and this evening is The Network.

I will publish the upcoming events soon but you can have a look already at

See you soon! 

All best wishes, 


Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank you for attending The Network yesterday!

Thank you for attending last night Networking event at Leon de Bruxelles,  we had a great time meeting new people and have a convivial and productive evening, thank you for the warm and generous hospitality of Leon de Bruxelles, James Storey, the General Manager, and his team.

I trust you made some very useful contacts last night. Pictures from last night will be on Beatrice Colbrant's page, thank you Beatrice!

Tony Selimi shared a little bit of his fascinating life and I am glad that some of you agreed and bought his book, £6 is going to Positive East a small deserving charity dealing with HIV and AIDS in East London.

Just in case you still don't know what I do, please read more about my various activities here
You can also see my Online diary for events that are coming up.

The Network is your platform to promote your cause, your business, venue and yourself. It  helps your further your business or career and makes meaningful business and social contacts. You get connected, proactive and productive.

It is also a get together of like minded people who enjoy meeting other people. All very nice people in a relaxed atmosphere.

To be a fully fledged member of  The Network cost only £200 a year or £20 a month payable on a recurring basis which gives you FREE registration to all the networking events, including those in the City. You can also join for as little as £1 a month but then you pay for the events separately. If you are ready for this, proceed here.

I very much look forward to seeing you again soon
Enjoy the wonderful weekend ahead!
Yours sincerely,

                                     Jean-François Dor
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Saturday, April 26, 2014




  The Network Dinner at Grace on the 12th May 



Join us for an informal dinner on the 12th May at Grace in a private  dining room.
We meet at 6:30pm for a drink at the bar and sitdown for dinner at 7pm. This dinner is limited to 10 or 16 people so that we can have flowing conversation and get to know each other more than at our Networking drink reception. The dinner should finish towards 9:30-10:00pm.
 The meal includes 2 courses, coffee, half a bottle of wine per person, service and VAT for £39 Book here

Tuesday 13th May
Le Cercle Francophone - dinner - Chez Grace
For all who speak and want to converse in French on a convivial evening.
£39.00 for 2 courses meal, 1/2 bottle of wine pp, coffee, service and VAT.
Book here

  Wednesday 14th May

Whitefriars Club Charity Dinner at Sofra

More details 15th May

Initiative Awards 2014

The Mayfair Hotel  |More details

Friday 23rd May The Eccentric Club

233rd Eccentric Society Anniversary Drinks 


You MUST be a member of the Club or a guest of a member to attend.
 Wednesday 28th May   The Network is opened to all who want to promote their causes, companies, venues and businesses. It is attended by various other networks such as The Chinese Connection, The Anglo-Belgian Organisations, The Middles East Circle,  The Eastern Society and others in the fields of arts, fashion and investments to further social and business contacts. A great evening to get connected, productive and proactive and make meaningful business and social contacts 
This time in Chelsea in Dennis Gilbert's Studio. 
Guest Speaker: Dexter Moscow,  £20 pp in advance Book here 


 Thursday 29th May
The Gay Professional Network

Get connected, productive & proactive with GPN, The LGBT platform to promote your causes, companies, venues & businesses.

Guest speaker Suran Dickson from Diversity Role Model, tackling homophobia by education.
£10 in advance here

E17 Art Trail
31 May - 15 June 2014

In 2014 we are celebrating 10 years of the E17 Art Trail!
And I am exhibiting some of my work in a collective in the Walthamstow Library

Le Cercle Francophone Chez Leon de Bruxelles, le trois juin 2014

Rejoignez-nous des 18h30 pour beneficier pleinement de la conversation.

Je me rejouis de vous y voir.

Bien cordialement,


Reservez ici

Friday 6th June, an informal drink for the Walthamstow Gay Meetup More info (free to attend).


City of London Gay Meet Up Thursday 12th June

Thursday 12th June
Drinks in the Sky Lounge

Come an enjoy the great views of London, particularly the Tower of London from this great open terrace.

£10 per person book here  

 The Annual Awards Ceremony Dinner: 13th June 2014, Friday, at the Savile Club

Nominate me if you will on




Thursday 19th June 
 Get connected, productive & proactive with GPN, The LGBT platform to promote your causes, companies, venues & businesses.
Join me on the 19th June near the Tower to celebrate my birthday... Come and enjoy the stunning view of this panoramic terrace. No Talks this time, just networking and get together.

I also recommend this great Holiday company with whom I shall be going on a few trips this year. Adam & Steve Travel  specialising in undiscovered Italy but also France and Spain. There are a few space left in March for the Gran Canaria Island, Join me for these, I will be going to see Etna in April in Sicily and Puglia in May. At the moment those are gay men only groups but Giacomo is hoping to accommodate everyone soon in the year. Mention my name and get an automatic room upgrade and discount for groups of four or more.




For investment or if you do know someone in the LGBT community interested in retiring in South of France, please indicate them to:

Healthy & active living for the over 50's.


Nine Luxury Concierge Club, special offer contained with this piece:


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