Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eccentric Club restoration group on the 29th of August, Friday

Dear Friends,
Here is what I received recently in my mail, I did reply and joined and will organise some whacky things for them, who has never heard of the Eccentrics? Am I one? Answers on a postcard please!

Dear Sir,

We have reasons to believe that our information may be of interest to you, if we are mistaken, we do apologise, we will not contact you again.

The pleasure of your company will be highly appreciated if you would find it possible to attend the first meeting of the Eccentric Club restoration group on the 29th of August, Friday.

We aim to bring back to its rightfully deserved place in the British society this once influential and important in every aspect establishment a history of which is inseparable with that of Britain itself.

More information is available at:

Yours sincerely,

The Organising Committee of the New Eccentric Club

Thursday, August 07, 2008

September Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Hope you are enjoying our typical British Summer. I have been busy finding new venues, places, destinati0ns and other interests for you. Whilst in Provence, I visited my friend Pascal Budor who is director of a most fantastic hotel and restaurant . This is an Alain Ducasse’s establishment.

On the 8th August many of us will be looking at the opening ceremony of the now controversial Beijing Olympics. May the best win and that the Olympic spirit prevails over politics. Our friends from Mossiman’s are there already, looking after the Committee (lucky them)

Some of you might know of Anthony Christian ( If you would like to catch him and find his amazing warehouse filled with over a million pounds worth of his pictures, let me know and I will introduce you to him. Hurry though as he is going to LA on Saturday morning (9th August) for filming.

September is coming and with this so many parties and events, I am only listing a few here and some offers of other services below.

2nd September, 1st Tuesday of the month at the Royal Anglo-Belgian Club is at 6:30 pm and if you would like to attend and have an interest in Belgium, please contact the membership secretary on (

5th September, Guided tour of the JST Tenacious in Canary Wharf Also on the Saturday 6th, for the Jubilee Sailing Trust with the Rotary Club of London.

And the first Friday of the month, Circa is for all the London Gay Professionals and their friends ( Register here: or on previous link or email directly as an alternative. This is a totally FREE event for gay men and women and their friends including a free drink from 7pm till its run out. (And don’t forget to buy the hosts a drink) If anyone is interested to sponsor the websites, the monthly figures are: 3,000,000 hits, 60,000 visitors and 45,000 members and growing; for as little as £15-20 a week, you have a great overture into the ‘Pink Pound’.

9th Septembre, Mardi, Le Cercle se réunit pour une conversation française voyez pour de plus amples informations et réservations.

15th Septembre, Lundi, Le Cercle des Professionnels Francophone de L’événementiel se réunit au Collège Imperial ou Elodie nous recevra, strictement par invitation et pour membre seulement.

I am very pleased to be able to organise private views of the newly renovated Royal Institution before it reopens to the public in October starting on the 15th September, please look at for full details and dates.

16th September, Tuesday, an extravaganza! Mad Hatters Party (not Lewis Carroll) in the midst of the London Fashion Week for The Arts Club Charitable Trust, please see for detail and reservation, please hurry as tables are going fast, many celebrities and fantastic auction prizes.

26th September, the concert for the Arts Club Charitable Trust has been cancelled due to a clash of events in the same venue

29th September, A culinary journey around the world in 80 meals takes its start at the Gaylord Restaurant in Mortimer Street in aid of the Rotary Club of London, this is organised by the International Committee. See details here:

Please see for further offer on the Eccentric Club, Credit Crunch, Britain-China Trade Association, Executive Coaching, Caribbean resorts, Ritz-Escoffier, The Arts Club, ...

I wish you all a fantastic summer, the next newsletter will be October (we will have a visit to the Foreign Press Association), do remember that you can join me at anytime; please let me know what you think about my newest card with the painting at the back, I have many more paintings… Give me feedback at any time; I very much look forward to hearing from you, to seeing you again, to organise many parties for you, to make your networking and to seeing you again soon.

Yours ever,


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Monday, August 04, 2008

website down

Dear Friends,

Seems that my website and emails are down today due to a possible upgrading from our hosting company, please bear with us and do call me on 07831 782 200 or email me on if you would like to join me.

Best regards,