Thursday, December 06, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Brussels 1:51

Quelle soiree, beaucoup de preparation mais le resultat en valait la peine:
What an evening, lot of preparation but the result was worthwhile

the link to the web is:

See for yourself!
Best regards

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rotary Club of London, Luncheon in the Presence of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburg

A great luncheon, pictures and comments speaks for themselves:

more pictures on

Jean-François, Many congratulations on such a well managed event today. Everything went very smoothly from our perspective (sorry we were a little late arriving).
The hospitality shown by you and your guests was superb and very much appreciated. Regards,

From the Royal Protection Officer

Thank you – the picture are fine.
Well done on organising a good lunch; everything seems to work well.

Major Richard Maundrell
Equerry-in-Waiting to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Dear Jean-Francois

Thank you so much for a truly memorable lunch today. Such nice company as well as being so close to HRH.

I really do appreciate you looking after me so well. You can now go home and have a large Gin and Tonic!

Kind regards


Tony Shepherd - Chief Executive
Safer London Foundation

Dear Jean-Francois,

Thanks again for a very successful event.

Best wishes,


Shmuel Ben-Tovim

Minister - Economic Affairs
Embassy of Israel

Hi Jean-Francois,

Thank you very much for the invitation to today's event at the Royal Thames Yacht Club.
Very enjoyable.

Please could you put me on your mailing list for future events.

Kind regards,

Patrick Couris

Hi Jean Francois, Thank you for the nice table. Excellent lunch and did a great job,but then you are a professional.
Regards Giovanni.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

America Cup and Louis Vuitton Cup

I meant to post this for ages, here I am not far from the Allenghi Team.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

31st August

This came and went in a blink! several hundred bottles of Champagne and canapes later
and a weekend filled with family and friends. Please have a look at Robert's Pictures, they are very professional indeed.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

31st August 2007

On the 31st August 2007, I shall be celebrating 20 years in London!

Suppliers, Clients and Friends (and the formers are usually friends too!) will gather to celebrate 20 years of Jean-Francois in London and also to show off the Arts Club (my second home since 1993) and others who have very kindly offered their goods and services. These include Augustin de la Brosse for the Champagne ( , Peter Black - Guitarist ( , Chris Baxter for the Discotheque (, The Arts Club for their hospitality (, Cathy the caricaturist , Skip for the fantasy boys ( (they will not be the only models there either) and Rhidian Jones for the Badging( so that we can network too. If you would like to make a donation towards to cost you are welcome and all profits and proceeds from a silent auction will be donated to the Arts Club Charitable Trust, Registered Charity N◦: 1075950 ) of which I have had the honour to be asked to chair from the AGM in October.

Please feel free to come with your partner but do let me know that you are coming and who you are coming with by the 24th August.

I look forward to welcoming you on Friday 31st August at 7:00 pm!

Yours ever,


0800 084 21 73-office hours-
Jean-François Dor Events
87A Church Hill London E17 3BD
VAT: GB 820 673 931
P Please consider the environment before printing this email

Thursday, July 19, 2007

0800 number: 0800 084 21 73

Dear all,

I am pleased to announced our new 0800 number

0800 084 21 73

This number will connect you directly to Shelley or one of her team at the reception and will be able to get any of us a direct message within minutes during office hours.

All our mobile numbers remain the same and mine is still 07831 782 200.

With all good wishes

I remain your humble servant,


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tom - Big Air

With regards to repatriation, I will put you in touch with someone who is involved in such,
With regards to the wine tasting, I do have some pretty exclusive tasting here and abroad, whether in the air, on a boat or on land, anywhere.
For the Bordeaux-Rotary trip, I will wait for your quote before proposing anything
Finally for the various packages on offer, I will forward to you any high profile event packages that we get through the group.
The Group includes in association : Ladies on Tour, Simply Elegant, Deborah Dwek Weddings, Exclusive France Holidays, MEB Music Management, Snap-Drape Europe, DRM-Destination & Resources Management (Based in Geneva), Savvy Club, Mayobee, Carte Blanche Plus, Bulgarian Doorsteps, Venue Find, Web Systems, Clarity Event Insurance, and we are further associated to Gullivers Travel Associates, Sigma AV, Nomadic Display, Abela Secretarial Services, BMS International (Based in Berlin), to name a few.
We organise events for various companies, societies, charities and associations from all way of life, from gay businesses to royalty throughout Europe, although through DRM, we have also an office in Montreal and have personal contact in New York, L.A. and Washington D.C.
Most events are based on Art, Food, Drink and most importantly on networking. The social element is very much predominant and am personally thriving in such environment, presenting people that I know will either make business or become friendly.
As said, I welcome a exchange of links between our two organisations.
I look forward to seeing you again soon
Best wishes,

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Isn't life such a whirlwind? I so enjoy it! not enough time to update you all on what I am doing but busy organising various events for Circa ( and the Savvy Club ( This off course on top of the events for the Rotary, Anglo-Belgian Organisations, various galleries, clubs, charities and embassies. I thought that the Cercle Francois stepped up with the wonderful presentation by Lalique last month and we had this great tasting of chocolates by Galler this month. In June, David will talk about the Cote d'Azur which is appropriate as I will be leaving for the area just after the talk!

Forgotten! We went to Helsinki for the Eurovision! Last year we went as accredited journalist for a website in Greece that is now redundant but I was there as a translator, this was fun. This year we went by our own steam and Helsinki is a lovely city, albeit a bit small. Eurovision itself is becoming quite expensive with tickets costing €250 each for the final and we went to a few rehearsal and semi final too. Eurovision is a great way to get to know people from all over the world in a very short space of time. Yes there are quite a few nerds too but never dangerous, just funny. In our hotel, we were in the room next to Virka (the Ukrainian song) and breakfast was fun to watch both teams from Russia and Ukraine ignoring each other blatantly.

Must dash now I am going to Glyndebourne!

Monday, March 19, 2007

New venue in Brussels

By private appointment only, very exclusive and very central, for exclusive event or photoshoot. Price by application.

If no pictures come up please look at

Friday, March 16, 2007

March 2007

Must be mad, I don't seem to have a moment to myself or my friends! I have to organised more parties! Sorry I am not updating this as much as I should! Life is really hectic, but hey, I enjoy it! Join me, call me (07831 782 200) , email me ( Look forward to hearing from you. JF.