Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear month of July, like every year we are expecting from you to bring us the sun and a nice weather so we can go to the Penthouse…

Last month, Les Belges de Londres and The Network took place at the Penthouse in Leicester Square respectively on June 5th and 7th. Everybody enjoyed their drinks and the views from this beautiful venue.

We went to the amazing exhibition of Ruth Macdonald’s painting, in her beautiful house in Regent's Park on June 13th.

The G P N was held in the Glass House of  the Holiday Inn in Camden Town, a really nice place with stunning views on the Locks, their hospitality were simply, exceptional.

I have attended the Russian Summer Ball on June 16th at the Banqueting House to celebrate both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of Russia. It was an eccentric night with ballroom and gipsy dancing, vodka and  Champagne with all the Great and the Good of the Russian Society.

On July 14th at the Beauberry House, I’ll be attending a very special event: The Fall Of Rome. It’s a celebration of ancient Rome. The guests dress as centurions, gladiators, Emperors and Empresses and are treated to an ancient Roman feast, fun and festivities. You can learn more about this event and also RSVP on the website:

Also, I would like to say a word about these incredible artists: Les oiseaux du Paradis. It’s the only 360° aerial ballet of its kind. Marketing campaigns, weddings, social events, you can book these artists for every kind of manifestations. Please have a look on their page and feel free to contact them. They are truly amazing! Here is their website: Les oiseaux du Paradis.

In July, all of our events will take place at the Penthouse except the GPN which will be held at The Royal Park.  You can already book your ticket:

 ü  Les Belges de Londres (for all the Anglo-Belgian community) (July 3rd RSVP here :

 ü  The Network (July 5th RSVP :

 ü  Le Cercle Francophone (July 10th RSVP:

 ü  The GPN Dinner (July 11th RSVP :

 ü  The Network Dinner (July 18th RSVP:

 ü  The GPN (July 19th RSVP:

Some informations about August: Les Belges de Londres (August 7th), The GPN Dinner (August 8th), The Network (August 9th) and The Network Dinner (August 23rd) will be at Pause.
Le Cercle Francophone (August 14th) and The GPN (August 16th) will take place at the Penthouse.

In September, We’ll launch four new events at The Chesterfield:

    ü  Ladies who lunch (September 13th)

                 ü  The Eastern Society (September 25th )

    ü  The Chinese Connection (September 26th)

    ü  The Middle East Circle (September 27th)

Please pass on the words and invite your contacts and friends to make meaningful business and social relationships

I very much look forward to seeing you at these events!
Yours ever,

J-F Dor