Thursday, March 01, 2012

March and the Spring has sprung

Or has it... This is not quite May as yet when you do as you please... This is now March, hope that February was good for you.

For my part it quick started with a showcase at Madame Tussauds and it always nice to see the changes that they are making, I was suppose to go to the event show but never manage to get there as I had several meetings with other professionals in the off market property business and made some extremely useful contacts, finger crossed, this is all going to work out soon.

I went to the Institute of Fundraising for a talk by a NSPCC fundraiser that was inspiring and then to Jo Haigh book launch in partnership with the FT, met my partner in Paris for tea at the Wolesey.

Circa moved to 5 Cavendish Square and I cannot say that this is a really happy arrangement but it seemed popular for this first time.

I met people from the NAZ Project and they will come and talk to the GPN later in the year, the Cercle Francophone was well attended this month and we had fun and good food at the Gore Hotel. Lalique had a reception which Jean-Michel Jarre attended and I went to the opening of Leon de Bruxelles where people from the Travel and Events Industry were invited.

I resigned from my position of Chairman of the Events Committee of the Anglo-Belgian Society and its Council but remain a life member and resigned from the Anglo-Belgian Club which has nothing retained from the Club I joined in 1992.

I started a single night with a difference but we had a rather uneven male/female ratio...

I met Michael Heaven (27) who is a protege of Englebert Humperdinck (75). Michael will have his UK premiere on the 15th March at the GPN and the Press and the Belgian Community has been alerted, he is from Sint Niklaas in Belgium. I recommend that you try and come, you do not have to be gay to enjoy this evening. I also met a very entrepreneurial young person who hires works of arts for a percentage of their value to work places.

I met people from Fashion TV and we had a fashion show at a well know private club in Chelsea

GPN was held at Apres London Lounge and I organise a meeting between two well known jewellers (one French, the other British) with a very talented jewellery designer. More to come soon but this will culminate in a historic exhibition in 2013. I also introduced the same people to the Russian Community in London and this evening will be the Arab Community representative.

I also became a brand ambassador for a well known and very exclusive introduction agency and met with the good and the great of investments at an exclusive wine tasting at the Mayfair Hotel.

The next day I went to court over an interest bill that I actually won, now I have to pay the rest...

This month started with a lovely glass of Champagne in the American Bar of the Savoy with a very good friend who asked me to come and see him.

More next month... remember me for all your needs and please have a look at my new website....

Yours ever,