Tuesday, August 21, 2012

September's Event and Newsletter

Hello everyone, 
I do hope that you enjoyed your holidays and the Olympic Games! September is upon us and with this, school run, back to work and more opportunities to meet people and get to really know them. The numbers of opportunities that I can offer you are now 10 this month. 

Some events are at Pause in the City of London, others are at the Chesterfield Mayfair, more are in the Kensington Hotel and another at The Penthouse in Leicester Square.

In August, I was invited to view the Olympic Park and was interviewed by the Belgian Radio prompting a long lost cousin to email me (thank you Google!)  I went to the Hippodrome re-launch in Leicester Square met a few very nice people along the way. With the Eccentric Club, we were interviewed by NBC and this was actually quite jolly see this here. I attended a fashion show with fashion TV at Embassy Mayfair, met an accountant that actually save you money when you buy your next house, seen my specialist who gave me clean bill of health at last, nearly sold a Banksy to a collector abroad, attended the Vienna swimmers Olympic party, met a rather nice French author who lives in Brussels and writes in English, and possibly more.

Here is the list for September, click on the title to RSVP and more info and on the Venue for a link to their website:
Ø    Tuesday         11th September         Le Cercle Francophone       at Pause
Ø    Wednesday   12th September         GPN Dinner             at Chesterfield Mayfair
Ø    Thursday       13th September         Ladies who lunch at  Chesterfield Mayfair
Ø    Tuesday         18th September         The Network Dinner at Chesterfield Mayfair
Ø    Wednesday  19th September         Les Belges de Londres at the Penthouse
Ø    Thursday       20th September         The GPN at Pause in the City of London
Ø    Monday         24th September         The Network at the Kensington Hotel
Ø    Tuesday         25th September         The Eastern Society at Chesterfield Mayfair
Ø    Wednesday   26th September         The Chinese Connection at Chesterfield
Ø    Thursday       27th September         The Middle East Circle at Chesterfield

Please join these Networks to meet and interact with each other:  The Network  & GPN
I very much look forward to seeing you at these events!

Yours ever,


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