Tuesday, June 05, 2018

RA 250th Summer Exhibition, The Great Spectacle: 250 years of the Summer Exhibition & RA Schools Show 2018


Michelangelo Tondo in all its splendour, part of the permanent exhibition.

Satan summoning his Legions, 1796-1797

Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA (1769 - 1830)

Linking the two buildings, to the right the RA Schools studios

From the RA Schools Show

From the RA Schools Show

From the Summer Exhibition, unicorns...

And presenting the Summer Exhibition, none other than Grayson Perry RA in a very clownesque customised outfit to his image (on his back), Grayson is really his biggest creation. It was fabulous to hear how fast he went to customise the hanging by specifying colours of the paintings regardless of the subjects or artists, to him it was a big collage. Here is under a portrait of Mosley after he told us how he loved the portrait of Farrage on the other wall.