Saturday, March 08, 2008

March 2008

Dear Friends, Art Lovers, French Speakers and Chinese Enthusiasts,

Tuesday 11th March, at 7pm is the Cercle Francais at the Arts Club and Roberto Mangu, a larger than life character will present his pictures and talk about them in french. Although born in Paris in 1948, his family has deep Mediterannean roots. Roberto led an adventurous life due to his excessive and rebellious temperament, he hesitated once between becoming a sailor or a sculptor, he studied architecture at the Beaux Arts in Paris and practiced for a few years but his passion, and you will hear this in his voice, is also reproduced on canvasses, he travelled the world and painted monumental works. His CV is impressive and is available if you would like it forwarded.
Again, please call Anna on Monday morning to book if you are a member of the Arts Club, if you are not, please book via this link

Prior to this I would have had a meeting of the Arts Club Charitable Trust and you will notice in the link above that there is a special donation button and feel free to donate if you so wish, here is another link for donation: This meeting will be to organise ‘The Mad Hatter Party’ on the 16th September 2008. Again held in the Arts Club, details of which and more about the Trust:

On Monday 17th March, the very first Life Class will happen at the Arts Club, many artists have already signed up. You are welcome to register here:
On Wednesday 26th March, just after our Easter Break, the Britain China Trade Association has the pleasure to welcome at his China Business Club Dr H. Wang who will speak about the Olympic Games in Beijing and all the peripherals involved in the Games, this will indeed be an insight for our games coming up only in four years from now in London. Please book for this on
More information can be had on the Association here:

For something different, my friend Nick Ellis is producing his Korros ensemble in Cambridge Circus at the Spice of Life pub on the 6th April at 7:30 pm. This is free and for more information please look at

I wish you all a fantastic time and very much look forward to seeing you again soon,

Best wishes,

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