Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Art Connection Newsletter

Mural (1943)-Jackson Pollock
Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Art Connection Newsletter! Every month we will share with you, dearest members, a curated list of the best cultural events happening in London. We will also let you know about upcoming events that the Art Connection Club has planned. From gallery hops and auction house visits, to our Annual Art Investment Conference, we have a lot planned for the year. We hope you can join in on the fun!

Gavin Turk

Newport St Gallery

Gavin Turk’s 30 year retrospective opened at Damien Hurst’s Newport St Gallery last week. Turk is considered one of Britain’s most influential contemporary artists and the retrospective includes his infamous work ‘Cave’, which was displayed at his Royal College of Art degree show (and for which he got a fail!). The Newport St Gallery won the Royal Institute of British Archietcts 2016 London award, so the building alone is well worth a visit. Free.

Beyond Caravaggio

National Gallery
Caravaggio is undoubtebly one of the most famous Italian artists, ever. You know you’ve made it when they name a style after you (Caravaggism). This exhibition is about how Caravaggio’s art influenced many other famous artists from the 17th century onwards. The exhibition uses a select group of Caravaggio’s works to demonstrate the influence he had on other artists. If you aren’t Caravaggio’d out you can visit the National Gallery’s permanent collection too. £14, £12 Concession. 

Richard Serra

Gagosian Gallery

Richard Serra is one of the world's most significant living sculptors. For an inspiringly immersive experience, go check out three of his large steel works at Gagosian Gallery (Kings Cross). Free

Got Ideas? We’d love to hear them
Have you been to any great exhibitions/cool cultural happenings recently? Please let us know and we will share with the other members (maybe even organise a visit).

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