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Some information about Jean-Francois Dor's Enterprises

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Jean-Francois Dor Enterprises is a group of companies with knowledge in: Public Relations, Marketing, Investments,  Off Market Properties, Concierge Services, Travel and Events including Networking, Publicity, Entertainment, Products Launches, Conferences, Incentive Travel, Exhibitions, Team Building, Charity, International and Family Events such as Wedding, Bar-Mitz-Vah and many other life occasions.

Independently Jean-François is also an artist and have exhibited widely internationally since the 80's . Get a discount of up to 75% off (compared to Gallery Prices), please look at some of his paintings and works on paper.

With his wide reaching circle of over 14 million affluent people in the world, you can promote yourself or your company from as little as £500 (see below for more details).


Mayfair PR is a full service niche boutique agency specialising in Public Relations and Event Management in Mayfair, London.

Provides Public Relations and Marketing services of exceptional quality and value to the fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle businesses in Mayfair, London and beyond.

The Network or the Gay Professional Network are platforms to promote your cause,  business, venue and yourself. One is dedicated to the LGBT Community and the other is fully inclusive. They both help your further your business or career and makes meaningful business and social contacts, building social and professional relationship. You get connected, proactive and productive.

Profile of people attending are: Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Hedge Funds Owner, Property Developers, CEO of Top FTSE Companies in the world, Diplomats, Actors, Entrepreneur, Singers, Models and others in the entertainment and communication industry, some are students too aspiring to network with people in the know and others looking at their next step in their careers.  It is also a get together of like minded people who enjoy meeting other people.All very nice people in a relaxed atmosphere.

GPN meets every month in various locations and has a Chapter in The City of London  and has connections with companies such as  Adam and Steve Travel. Book them, mention Jean-François Dor and get an automatic upgrade worth £100, groups of 4 or more get an additional 10-15% off the normal price. (only available through JFDE). GPN is part of the Gay Business Association and the LGBT Consortium.

The Gay Professional Network is  your Network,  you find details of members with a brief bio and a link to either their websites, LinkedIn or Facebook pages, (you also find GPN on our  Facebook Group and Page, ,  and LinkedIn.

The Network  (All welcome) meets also every months in various locations and incorporates the Anglo-Belgian Organisations, the Cercle Francophone, The Chinese Connection, Ladies who lunch, The Middle East Circle and The Eastern Society). The Network  is your network, you find details of  members with a brief bio and a link to either their websites, LinkedIn or Facebook pages, (you also find The Network on our  Facebook Group   and Page  and LinkedIn.

The Network started in October 2003 with a handful of friends and we now have a great following of professional people  reaching well over 14 million people  and GPN  over  6 million people through direct targeted email, social media and other websites with a membership in London alone of over 10,000 and 3,000, respectively, High Net Worth Individuals, affluent, high spending, taste making, ABC demographic.

Reaches for The Network:
Ø        several hundred hand selected people on the website.
Ø        5, 118, 818 people on LinkedIn
Ø        4, 848, 411 people on facebook
Ø        4, 668, 787 people on other websites
with a combined total of 14,636,016 people, not counting on the exponential element of people, like you, recommending the Network.

Reaches for GPN:
Ø        several hundred hand selected people on the website.
Ø        409,430 people on LinkedIn
Ø        2, 229,080 people on facebook
Ø        3, 773, 930 people on other websites
with a combined total of 6,043,953 people, not counting on the exponential element of people, like you, recommending the GPN.

Advertising on these platforms start at as little as £500 for a short paragraph (150 words) with a link to your website. You can  sponsor either Networks for a month or a year and you can display your material at each of their respective meetings with your logo and a link to your website that will be sent with all communications, this starts at £500 and includes the targeted message above.

On each Networks you will find Headlines, forthcoming events, a shop, offers, pictures of events, videos, forum, chat room, blogs and various groups to discuss money matter, health, media/music/creative, arts, fashion and more, you can also start you own group.
A regular contribution/subscription of £1 a day or £5 a week or  £20 a month or £200 a year on a recurring basis is asked for either Networks on line, the latest  automatically guarantees entry and automatic registration to all their respective monthly Networking event(s). 

There are at least one every month except in December. (although we have done some fundraising events then)

Please visit this link to make your choice under either Subscription and make full use of the facilities and contacts that are offered to you. You can also sign up there for the promotion at the bottom of the page and pay by credit or debit card. http://www.jfdor.co.uk/online-payment.php.

If your product is specifically targeted to a specific demographic, age group or location, please let me know when you send your paragraph and this will be tailored for you.

I very much look forward to hearing from and to meeting you again.

Yours sincerely, 


Jean-François Dor
GPN, GBA, The Network & JFDE     
"I am easily satisfied with the very best"
               Sir Winston Churchill
                NIL NISI BONUM  
Artist, Public Relations, Marketing, Investments,  
Off Market Properties and Events.
Your success is my ambition.
Mobile: + 44 7831 782 200                                                         
Home: + 44 208 521 98 18                                                   
Jean-François Dor gets people together 
and makes it happen.     
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